Fluent is a digital agency that take pleasure in finding solutions to complex problems. Whilst working at Fluent, we thought it would be nice to update the company website. I was tasked with coming up with a new style for the company, even update the branding if needed.

time for a new f

The old serif F has been replaced with a more modern, flexibile logo that has been a key part of the new website design direction. After sketching out lots of different indeas, I tried to steer away from cliche 'fluent-y' loops. Keeping the round shape from before but really simplfying it into a bold shape that could stand on its own.

Fluent Website

The main focus of the new website was to show off the relationships that Fluent build with their clients and make it clear the kind of services they offer. They want the new site to attract new clients with a similar vision to them, rather than trying to grab any brochure site they can get their hands on.

We therefore stripped the site back to a very clean and open layout, letting the content take center stage with minimal distractions. The case studies were also increased in size to really show off the relationship between Fluent and their clients.

Using the F

Using ideas from the website, I implemented the new shape into a few of our other important documents. Its quite a nice shape to work with, especially as a mask, that does a good job of breaking up normally straight lines.

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