the Hive

Focusing on the creative culture, the Hive is a brand that aims to bring like minded people together. I work with them on all things digital, from the initial concepts to fully responsive websites, event posters, emails, pretty much anything they throw at me!

Hivers App

Building on the success of the Hive Life project, Hivers was created to build on the new creative community. I came into the project after receiving a bunch of wireframes and an unfinished brand. After tidying up the branding, my main task was to design the UI for the app from the wireframes.

Using Hive Life as a base I created a UI that feels similar enough but also stands on its own. I delivered a brand style guide, key page mock-ups and custom icons for the devs to work with.

Hive Studios redesign

After being open for a few years, the Hive Studios wanted to revisit its web site to increase user engagement with the community it already has and increase bookings for its services.

I decided to put a bigger focus on the social aspect of the studios and try to make it more inviting to get involved. A big emphasis was put on events and social, and a redsigned product page made it easier to make bookings. Finally, I redesigned the pricing page with custom illustrations to clearly display the memberships.

After all the design work was done I moved into dev and created a custom wordpress theme for the project as per the clients request.

Hive Life Emails

The Hive Life brand actually started as this email. I designed it as a separate thing from the Hive branded sites, although the stories were coming from there.

I helped to create the new logo and style of the email which goes out once a month. I then started to develop the responsive template using a MailChimp template as a base. I had to customise it a fair bit though as the MailChimp defaults can be very restricting. It is also developed with the user in mind, as it will be edited once a month for the next campaign.

The Hive Network

While projects such as the Hive Studios are fairly large and take some time to complete, I also work on a bunch of other smaller sites related to the Hive network around the world. With a base in Southeast Asia, and plans to expand into new countries, there is always plenty to do.

Here's a few more sites I have worked on recently for the Hive:

Fluent Transformers Travelers Chest Get in Touch