Travelers Chest

This start up came to me for help with creating a new travel app. After some great meetings I was able to help them develop the first prototype and some intial branding ideas.

App Design

First thing to do was to get some ideas they had on paper and start sketching out exactly what they wanted from the app. We narrowed down key features they wanted and lost some that weren't a priority for version 1.

I then started wireframing up some pages and was able to guide them through some user journeys that we had already been through on paper, but this time on a device. This lead to more minor changes but left us with a decent prototype that we could send over to the developer.

Whilst working with the developer on the prototype I started to skin up some of the wireframes and built up a style for the app. Here are some of the wireframes next to the new designs.


I also got to work on creating a new logo for the brand. Thinking of the target user base I came up with a fun, simple logo that has options for customisation. We discussed being able to change the colors potentially depending on what country you are in/from and people would like having a unique badge, although still identifiable as Travelers Chest.

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