Transformers Universe was a game I worked on whilst at Jagex. I was involved in designing the website, creating UI assets to go in game, print assets for marketing projects and lots more. It was awesome getting to work on such a well known brand and exciting launching a product with such a global audience.

Game UI screens

Whilst we had a UI team, sometimes the work fell into a gray area around what was web related and what was game related, seeing it was a browser game. This was good for me as I got a chance to work on some assets that weren't restricted by web rules. I learned a bit of Unity, got stuck in and these are some of the assets I came up with.


The website was a source of most of the work I did. We worked as a team on the site but individual pages were normally done by a single designer.

It started out by receiving assets and putting them in place on a nicely laid out screen. But over time I enjoyed heading into Unity, sourcing out my own assets and pushing the designs as far as I could. These are a few pages I worked on.

Marketing banners

An important part of the work I did revolved around creating the banners for the homepage of the website. These were often the first things people would see when finding out about the game and therefore were important to get right. As with the website, gathering or creating the right assets was very important.

Print work

In addition to all the assets for the website, I also was involved in the creation of some print materials for a couple projects. These were a nice change from the digital world, also an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques.

Email assets

After the game got into beta, we found some players didn't know how to play the game properly. Therefore we decided to launch an email campaign (as well as in game tutorials) with helpful tips about the basics of the game. I created some short, simple gifs that we could send out based on in game techniques. Leveraging every last byte I was allowed, these are some of the ones I came up with.

All the social

As with most games these days, social was a very important way of getting the game noticed. These are a few of the many many assets created for various campaigns across all channels. It was a great way for me to get experience working on not only the usual Facebooks and Twitters, but also sites like Twitch which had its own rules and limitations for assets.

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